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The New York Times carried a story on May 28th (hat tip to Dave Ries) demonstrating that it took only one attempt for Russian hackers to make their way into the computer of a Pentagon official. But the attack didn't come through an e-mail or a file buried within a seemingly innocuous document. READ MORE >>

Running a business is not easy. There is always a chance that something could go wrong, or that someone could make a mistake. In these events, a business becomes a risk to its own finances and its customers. Insurance agents have a responsibility to offer the correct services to their clients. READ MORE >>

It seems agencies today have more challenges than ever. Below are three tips to reduce errors and omissions (E&O) exposures. 1. Send Certificates of Insurance I would love to share with you a story regarding a multinational company that demanded they be listed as an additional insured on dozens, maybe even hundreds or thousands, of certificates. READ MORE >>

Watch LSU's Keim: Surge-Prone Coastal Areas Found in Surprising Places Top 10 Gulf Coast Storm Surges 1. Katrina 2005 2. Camille 1969 3. Carla 1961 4. Galveston 1900 5. Eloise 1975 6. Labor Day 1935 6. Beulah 1967 8. Rita 2005 9. Ike 2008 10. New Orleans 1915   READ MORE >>

Insurance agencies handle a very large quantity of extremely personal information. Formulating policies requires a lot of information from clients. This may include social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, financial statements, credit card information and other private materials. READ MORE >>

The recent ransomware attacks in more than 150 countries are likely to increase demand for related insurance protection as they reveal the widening scope of corporations’ cyber risk exposures. But Fitch Ratings says insurers should take a cautious approach to adding cyber exposures as there is considerable uncertainty in pricing and underwriting this risk. READ MORE >>

Applying Indiana law, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has held that neither a company’s crime policy nor its commercial property policy provided coverage for theft of company property by a consultant who worked for the company.  Telamon Corp. v. Charter Oak Fire Ins. READ MORE >>

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, applying California law, has held that a crime policy did not afford coverage for a loss caused by an insured’s initiation of wire transfers based on fraudulent email instructions.  Taylor & Lieberman v. Federal Ins. Co. READ MORE >>

The structure of most companies usually includes a certain level of managerial structure. Directors usually reside at the top of the company pyramid. They also likely oversee a significant portion of the company's daily decision-making. A company’s structure also places different levels of risk upon each tier of employees. READ MORE >>

Insurance agencies are businesses themselves. Just as you offer policies to others, your company also needs to invest in its own insurance coverage. Agents know that business insurance isn’t just one policy. The vast number of policies under the business insurance label combine in many ways. READ MORE >>

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