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Malpractice and E&O Coverage for Legal Professionals

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What is Lawyers Errors & Omissions Insurance?

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Lawyers, paralegals, litigators and those seeking counsel must all work together to do business. Such engagement comes with risks. Mistakes could expose all parties to financial harm.

When clients hold a practice responsible for their losses, liability insurance can prove critical in coordinating a response. Interested groups can turn to U.S. E&O Brokers to obtain targeted professional liability coverage.

What’s Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability coverage, also called malpractice insurance, protects legal firms who cause financial or personal losses to clients. It can apply when a third party accuses the firm of:

  • Professional or clerical errors
  • Subpar services
  • Breach of privacy
  • Bad hiring, termination or retention practices
  • Other allegations in the realm of professionalism

Coverage extends to multiple parties within legal agreements. It can offer settlements for the affected groups, as well as legal assistance and other backing for the policyholder. All parties have a lower chance of suffering financially due to mistakes on the part of the firm.

Multi-faceted Policy Options

U.S. E&O Brokers understands that every legal firm needs specialized, tailored malpractice coverage. Some of the options we offer include:

  • Errors & omissions (E&O) protection: Covers the business in case of professional or clerical mistakes that harm clients.
  • Directors & officers (D&O) insurance: Extends extra protection to high-level company principals, like managers and boards of directors.
  • Employment practices liability (EPLI) protection: Current, former or potential employees might accuse the firm of discrimination or other harmful practices. This can help combat those claims.
  • Cyber liability (CL) insurance: During losses or theft of your computer data, privacy breaches might occur. Coverage can help you recover data, notify clients and provide damage control.

Our agents can help you review your unique practices to determine the most appropriate protection.

Who Needs Protection?

All the actors in a legal setting need malpractice coverage. These can include:

  • Directors, officers and managers of the practice
  • Mid-tier, entry-level and clerical employees
  • Contractors under the business’s supervision, in certain cases

Essentially, if someone works your practice, you can enroll them in professional liability coverage. It’ll be an appreciated form of coverage in case something goes wrong. Talk to one of our agents about your employment apparatus, and we can help you determine the policies that best suit your needs.

Getting Coverage

All Texas legal groups should carry professional liability coverage. You’ll have valuable assistance when you least expect it but need it most. We can help you compare multiple policy options and enroll in top-rated, thoroughly researched protection.

Call U.S. E&O Brokers today at 800-460-6424 or request an online quote right now.

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