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Insurance agents take care of a lot of information. A lot of it is quite sensitive, and private. That belonging to customers is doubly important, and you must safeguard their security. Data management means organization, and security practices. With the right care, you can almost guarantee record security. READ MORE >>

Why do Insurance Professionals, Real Estate Professionals or other Company Owners need D & O Coverage?   I have E & O, so why would I want D & O?  My licensed services mistakes will be covered under my Professional Liability Policy. READ MORE >>

Every insurance agency relies on its customers. They are necessary for you to turn a profit, gain new clients, and establish a good reputation. Therefore, customer satisfaction lies high on most agencies’ to-do lists.  Customers, likewise, rely on agencies to keep their insurance portfolios secure. READ MORE >>

Every insurance company, agency and broker must guarantee client privacy and confidentiality. It is important for a variety of reasons. Insurance agents use a variety of personal information to determine coverage specifics. Agents handle information about an individual’s property and financial assets. READ MORE >>

You’ve likely heard the saying that your business is only as good as the people working there. Professional agencies know that assembling the right team helps keep the business trustworthy.  There are benefits to keeping only the best workplace environment and employees. READ MORE >>

This is the time of year that many businesses put their affairs in order. Insurance agencies are not much different from every other type of business. At the end of the day, a well-managed business helps improve customer satisfaction and security.  Most insurance agencies make heavy use of computer systems in their day-to-day business. READ MORE >>

Every business likely has a hierarchy, and your insurance agency is no exception. Those at the top are usually responsible for big decisions that impact the business. However, with that power also comes a degree of responsibility and oversight. Most officers have to see that a business functions properly. READ MORE >>

Like all businesses, insurance agencies require attention to detail and professionalism. Should agents fail in their duties, they may cause significant harm to their clients. By default, the responsibility for the agent’s actions often falls to the agency. READ MORE >>

It is an insurance agency’s job to protect consumers’ most valuable items. To do this, they will collect a lot of sensitive information from their clients. Agents use this data to help them build policies that uniquely address each client’s needs. READ MORE >>

On October 11, 2017, the House passed a bill that would provide guidance to small business on how to deal with cybersecurity issues. This legislation passed on the heels of a similar Senate bill that passed just weeks before on September 28. The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act (H.R. READ MORE >>

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