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U.S. E & O Brokers Blog: directors and officers insurance

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Running an insurance agency has a high margin of risk attached. Mistakes within the agency might lead to harm to others, even unintentionally. If you are the agency leader, then as the public face of the agency, your own security might come under threat in cases of liability lawsuits and related occurrences. READ MORE >>

You must sell policies to your insurance clients. Therefore, it is natural that they will come to you with questions. Sometimes, they might want to know about the benefits of certain policies. If they ask about directors & officers insurance (D&O coverage), what should you tell them? READ MORE >>

Often, the management hierarchy within your insurance agency varies considerably. The CEO and other officials often have special needs compared to a standard agent. Therefore, they will likely need specific liability insurance. That's because their decisions will have wide-reaching impacts. READ MORE >>

If someone sues your insurance agency, they might name both the agency director in the proceedings. In such a development, both parties might have protection under the business’s liability insurance. Still, directors might face more scrutiny for which they need extra coverage. READ MORE >>

Why do Insurance Professionals, Real Estate Professionals or other Company Owners need D & O Coverage?   I have E & O, so why would I want D & O?  My licensed services mistakes will be covered under my Professional Liability Policy. READ MORE >>

Every business likely has a hierarchy, and your insurance agency is no exception. Those at the top are usually responsible for big decisions that impact the business. However, with that power also comes a degree of responsibility and oversight. Most officers have to see that a business functions properly. READ MORE >>

Whether an independent or captive agent, insurance salespeople promise to deliver a degree of profit to their partner companies. They likewise have to ensure that they handle the funds of their clients in an ethical manner. Failing to do so could harm insurance clients and the various providers that agents associate with. READ MORE >>

Every public, private and non-profit business requires decision-making. Most businesses place the biggest decisions in a manager or other decision-making body like a board of directors. The larger the business, the more complex the company’s management becomes.  READ MORE >>

D & O insurance is an essential part of owning and managing any type of healthcare industry business. Whether you are a doctor or you oversee a group of medical providers, the right insurance helps safeguard your investment of time, money and expertise into the company. READ MORE >>

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