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If you work in data insurance, you know that this is a fluid environment. The world of cybersecurity is constantly changing. As technology changes, the threats to cybersecurity also change. Each day, a new cyber threat emerges. The cybersecurity industry always has to adapt to the risk of new cybersecurity threats. READ MORE >>

Since you work in the insurance world, you know the risks that professionals take every day. Professional liability insurance protects clients in case they make a professional mistake. It is your job as an agent to guide your clients as they choose professional liability coverage. READ MORE >>

You’re an insurance agent, so you know how important it is for people to have proper coverage. But, you’re in the insurance business. You need coverage yourself. Insurance agencies strive to run trustworthy businesses in their communities. Having insurance protections should be a no-brainer. READ MORE >>

As an insurance company, you have a lot of private client information like social security numbers and credit card information. In today's world, much of this information is probably stored on computers. Storing information on a computer means that it is generally secure, but not foolproof. READ MORE >>

The cost of a typical cyber breach to an American company is much less than has been generally estimated, providing one possible explanation for why companies do not invest more to improve computer security, according to a new RAND Corp. study. The typical cost of a breach is about $200,000 and most cyber events cost companies less than 0. READ MORE >>

Ransomware attacks against businesses will be four times higher in 2016 than last year, with a growing number of ransom-seeking hackers demanding bitcoin rather than money, according to a report by specialty insurer Beazley. The Beazley Breach Insights report is based on the insurer’s client data breaches in the first nine months of 2016. READ MORE >>

Cyberattacks on small businesses are a real and growing problem, and the latest research by Nationwide shows owners are not prepared. Small businesses fall into hackers’ cybersecurity sweet spot — they have more digital assets to target than an individual consumer has, but less security than a larger enterprise, according to Nationwide. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, your goal is to provide a service and receive payment for it. However, there are instances in which you may be unable to make a full claim for the costs you’ve incurred due to factors out of your control. In some cases, you may provide thousands of dollars’ worth of service only to find that you cannot charge anyone for those fees. READ MORE >>

Considering how important the offense of fraud is to white collar crime, you might expect its parameters to be pretty clear by now. But a recent interesting case out of the 11th Circuit highlights the ongoing occasional uncertainty about what constitutes criminal fraud. READ MORE >>

Your independent insurance agency has been well-established for years. You have a skilled staff of agents and office personnel. The workflow seems to run smoothly. But what happens if a mistake is made somewhere down the line? Even the most experienced agents still have the capacity to make the occasional mistake. READ MORE >>

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