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Every business likely has a hierarchy, and your insurance agency is no exception. Those at the top are usually responsible for big decisions that impact the business. However, with that power also comes a degree of responsibility and oversight. Most officers have to see that a business functions properly. READ MORE >>

Like all businesses, insurance agencies require attention to detail and professionalism. Should agents fail in their duties, they may cause significant harm to their clients. By default, the responsibility for the agent’s actions often falls to the agency. READ MORE >>

It is an insurance agency’s job to protect consumers’ most valuable items. To do this, they will collect a lot of sensitive information from their clients. Agents use this data to help them build policies that uniquely address each client’s needs. READ MORE >>

On October 11, 2017, the House passed a bill that would provide guidance to small business on how to deal with cybersecurity issues. This legislation passed on the heels of a similar Senate bill that passed just weeks before on September 28. The NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act (H.R. READ MORE >>

Whether an independent or captive agent, insurance salespeople promise to deliver a degree of profit to their partner companies. They likewise have to ensure that they handle the funds of their clients in an ethical manner. Failing to do so could harm insurance clients and the various providers that agents associate with. READ MORE >>

More often than not, a second wave of claims against insurance agents by their clients follows a natural disaster. As parties find themselves without the coverage they expected after a catastrophe, it appears to be a natural reflex for them to look to their insurance agents and brokers to fill the perceived gap. READ MORE >>

Insurance agents come with strong professional backgrounds. However, each of them also brings risks to your business. An agent’s actions may lead to mistakes that cause financial or personal harm to clients. All insurance agencies should carry the appropriate errors and omissions (E&O) coverage. READ MORE >>

Albuquerque Office Phone Numbers:   Contact Susan Kirby or Stephanie Flanigan   Phone Number (866) 292-9898 Alternate Number READ MORE >>

Almost all U.S states have laws about data security and what to do when there’s a data breach. New Mexico recently added such a law for its state. Here is what’s in the New Mexico law. Who The Law Applies To. READ MORE >>

Many insurance companies keep comprehensive data files on most of their clients. The sheer volume of customer data you deal with makes file management tantamount to a successful business. If you don’t properly manage your data, it might lead to policy problems for clients. READ MORE >>

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